Heavyweight Boxing News

Heavyweight Boxing News

At The O2 London, things went down – No, Browne went down. I mean that literally. Brit Dillian Whyte showed no mercy as he repeatedly pummeled the Australian boxing sensation who was at the peak of his career. Dillian Whyte seemed to be taking things a bit too personally. This was evident as from the start he took dominance. Maybe it was out of his previous loss to the world boxing champion Anthony Joshua which not only affected his career but also his ego.

Browne vs White

Rocking black, green and gold shorts, Browne entered the ring with much psyche to face Whyte who was clad in intimidating black, gold trim shorts with a snarly Wolfhead. They started off sizing each other. By the end of the round, Whyte had made a successful jab to prove his boxing prowess to his younger opponent. The following two rounds were not much fun as each made an offence, defence and evaded the other’s punches. It was however noted that Whyte seemed more relaxed in his attacks.

The 38-year-old Australian was clearly not a match to the Londoner but if we are to give credit where it’s due, he is as equally fierce. In fact, this was Brown’s first defeat in his 26th contest. That sums up how good he is at boxing. However, a paradox in boxing is something that can never happen. By the 5th round, Browne’s face was a bloody mess. With so much blood oozing from his face, we didn’t expect much of a chance as this also obscured his sight. The blood also trickled down to his chest and arms, and as you can expect, the whole ring was painted red.

In the 6th round, Dillian Whyte landed some serious body assails on his opponent before finally landing a fatal left hook which sent Browne straight to sleep. It was a joy for him and he is set to face WBC’s Deontoy Wilder and also hopefully Anthony Joshua. He hopes to claim his lost glory with the latter. Whyte promised to rise up to any future challenges and also wished Browne a quick recovery. The latter is currently at hospital as the standard procedure outlines but he is in a stable condition though still heavily bruised.

We all look forward to Whyte’s upcoming matches which are meant to prove not only his prowess but also test his mettle. Having practiced a lot, he feels confident to thrash his opponents mercilessly just like Browne.