Ringed with doubt

The Olympic opening ceremony is a moment of global attention and high expectations. This pressure came to a head during the ceremony for this year’s Sochi Winter Games with the event’s centrepiece—five flowers which blossomed into the Olympics’ iconic interlocking rings. However, the fifth ring failed to expand with the[Read More…]

A word for the liberal arts

With budgets being cut left and right, and students worrying about their employment prospects after university, Liberal Arts degrees have come under siege. The question—or accusation—on people’s minds is whether the Liberal Arts are truly relevant to life post-graduation. In recent years, budget cuts have been a serious concern for[Read More…]

Will work for free: unpaid internships in focus

Last semester, with finals still looming, I began to contemplate what to do for the summer. A lot, or very little, can be accomplished in four months. After applying to several positions, I landed a full-time marketing internship close to home with a small company that seemed very professionally enriching. The only issue was that it was unpaid.

Victoria Dillman

Connecting on campus

Social media is constantly evolving and being used in new ways. It has always been seen as a way to connect, often with friends from different locations. Most recently, users of Facebook have created pages drawing attention to various aspects of our campus. Overheard at McGill, McGill Compliments, Stuff McGill[Read More…]

Victoria Dillman (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

The vicious cycle of protests

Almost a year ago now, I was a prospective student touring McGill for the first time. I remember the excitement, the nerves, and the shock of seeing more than a hundred people protesting outside the Sherbrooke gates. For the dozen students on my tour, it was our first impression of[Read More…]

McGill should not bear brunt of budget cuts

December’s announcement of the drastic budget cuts facing McGill shocked the administration and the entire student body. While the cuts affect all of Quebec, there has been an emerging opinion among some Quebecers that McGill and other English-speaking universities should bear the brunt of these cuts. The argument is that[Read More…]

Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune

Continuing the fight for a freer internet

Today’s generation is a product of the internet, having grown up with this technology and the wealth of information that it provides. They are encouraged to constantly build upon previous ideas, and they share their wealth of knowledge through this easy-access medium. Epitomizing this generation was Aaron Swartz—an entrepreneur, co-creator[Read More…]

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