A Sound Walk Around McGill Campus

Multimedia Editor Farah Elmajdoub takes you on a sound walk throughout McGill campus starting from the Roddick Gates. As you tune in to this podcast, keep your awareness alert to what may unfold during your walk.

Change Makers Episode 5: Modern Manhood

In the fifth episode of Change Makers, Multimedia Editor Noah Vaton speaks with Lenny Lenhard, a recent McGill graduate, and the founder of Modern Manhood. A pilot project run by men, and made for men, working to positively redefine what it means to be a man.

McGill’s Lettuce Club: The Inaugural Meeting

Multimedia Editor Noah Vaton documents the thrilling inaugural McGill Lettuce Club Meeting. He outlines a complete history of how the event came to be, the excitement surrounding the event amongst McGill students, footage live from the event, and post-meeting interviews with both the original founder and this years winner, the[Read More…]

The Best Samosas in Montreal

Multimedia Editors Alex Hinton and Noah Vaton explored Montreal searching for McGill’s favorite pastry. They tried 4 of the best samosa spots near McGill’s downtown campus and offered comprehensive reviews on them all.

Change Makers Episode 4: Tori Ford

In the fourth episode of Change Makers, Multimedia Editor Noah Vaton speaks with Tori Ford, an award-winning gender health equity advocate, researcher, and entrepreneur on a mission to eliminate sexism, shame, and stigma from health experiences. She is is the founder of Medical Herstory, a youth-led not-for-profit advancing gender health[Read More…]

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