Remembering Izy

My beloved friend Isabella Guerrico, U3 Arts, passed away in a sudden accident on Thursday, Nov. 15. We will remember Izy, who was beloved by many in the McGill community, for her fiery and generous spirit. When I moved into Gardner three years ago, I had no idea what was[Read More…]

Peace signs and stink bombs: Paul Watson and his war As far as activism goes, Paul Watson could be considered an outlaw, especially after Greenpeace voted him off of their team in 1977. He has since been called the bad-boy of the Canadian environmental movement, a professional radical ecologist, and the ocean’s very own Rambo. Yet pacifists feel he[Read More…]

How to rear children

You might think it’s a bit early to start thinking about rearing children, but it’s not. Kids are everywhere and need to be dealt with in the right way. If you make a mistake raising a child, you are effectively giving the middle finger to the future, and that’s just[Read More…]

Iron and Wine: Kiss Each Other Clean

Stepping out of his element, Samuel Beam—a.k.a Iron and Wine—broadens his musical approach on his latest album, Kiss Each Other Clean. As in his previous work, Beam maintains his whispery vocals throughout the album, making it clear that this is an Iron and Wine record. Kiss Each Other Clean should[Read More…]

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