How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves

How to Clean Your Boxing Gloves

Good maintenance of your gloves will ensure that you have been able to use them for long without suffering any infections and skin irritations. For them to have a long lifespan, you have to ensure that you don’t overlook good sanitation as this may lead to them getting worn out quickly without serving you as you may have wished. Cleaning your gloves well will also make them have a fresh smell rather than a stinky rotten stench. To prevent being infected with germs that may get stuck in boxing gloves, the following two methods are considered fit in cleaning those gloves.

Method one for your boxing gloves

  • Wipe your gloves with paper towels.  Wiping your boxing gloves with paper towels helps in getting rid of moisture that may facilitate the breeding of bacteria, which may infect your skin if you are not careful. It is advisable that you do this immediately you finish with your gloves as you may forget if you consider taking a rest first.
  • Disinfect with a vinegar-water solution.  After wiping the boxing gloves with towel papers, mix vinegar with water and spray them with the solution, then wipe carefully with another fresh paper towel. You should first spray the outside part of the gloves and after you are done, work on the inside parts. After you have wiped them, leave them open to enable them to air-dry.
  • Don’t keep them in your gym bag.  Your gym bag may contain moisture which may wet your boxing gloves. This moisture will then make the gloves to be the breeding site for bacteria. Remember that we are washing them in order to get rid of these bacteria in so as to prevent skin infections and skin irritation. If you need to transport them, simply hang them outside your bag as you could do to a helmet or a pair of sneakers.
  • Say no to a washing machine.  If you wish to shorten the lifespan of your gloves, then consider washing them using a washing machine. The gloves are made of leather, and a washing machine ruins this leather thus you may see yourself running back to the store to get a new pair.

Method two

Equally, you can clean your gloves using a saline solution. Soak the gloves in a saline solution overnight and the bacteria will get broken down. The solution also removes the stinking odor from the gloves, but you are advised to first find out if your boxing gloves are reactant to saline water.

Here is how to clean the gloves using this method:

  • Fill a container with saline water
  • Soak the gloves inside the solution
  • Let them remain in the solution overnight and remove them in the next morning. Let them dry.

Cleaning your boxing gloves using any of the above two methods will protect you from bacteria and germs infections which may make you experience discomfort when wearing your gloves. Maintain your gloves well in order to make them serve you better.