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How to sign a lease in 10 days

Now’s the time to look for living accommodations for next year—and, boy, is it stressful! Not every apartment will be right for you. Some will lack natural light, others will exclusively have windowless rooms, like a dungeon of sorts. Not ideal. That’s why I am pleased to announce that I[Read More…]

Why McGill needs a uniform

There goes one. Oh, and another—and another. Sorry, don’t mind me, I’m just sitting on the benches outside McLennan counting the number of McGill students dressed like extroverted, self-obsessed melons.  Have you noticed McGill students have this rather psychotic fixation on dressing uniquely? Well, of course you have. The pathway[Read More…]

How to deal with noisy library-goers

r/McGill:  u/deskaquatic: “You can’t make this up”  u/lolakitty: “If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times?”  u/ragingpoeti: “STFU on the quiet floors of McLennan”  Let’s set the scene.  It’s midterm season. Your four professors convened and decided that the best course of action would be to assign[Read More…]

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