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Canada needs more festivals

Canada needs more festivals, and let me tell you why. As someone who grew up in a multicultural country––living in the immigrant hub of New Delhi––I have celebrated almost every festival known to man since I was barely a year old. When I came to Canada at 18, my first[Read More…]

Putting the retro in retrospective

Every year, as winter festivities approach, an air of excitement comes around that fills most with joy. For others, however, the holiday season brings a sense of unease. Each year, I dread the onset of my mortal enemy: Spotify Wrapped. Spotify’s yearly retrospective may provide insight for some, bringing to[Read More…]

Go Club, Go

Taking pride in silly things is one of life’s little pleasures. Developing a minor god-complex over these same silly things is cautionable. Yet, as founder, captain, and president of my high school Go Club, I held a minor tyranny over a room full of my own classmates weekly—and I turned[Read More…]

Slowing down with your Sims™

The Sims™, a life-simulation video game series created by EA games in 2000, has content aplenty for dedicated players, whether you envision yourself roleplaying different lives or creating your architectural dreams (or nightmares, if that’s your vibe). But while many of the game’s various traits, hobbies, and interests reflect real[Read More…]

An ode to the hater

At the end of sixth grade—a year fraught with the kind of drama only 11-year-old girls can come up with—I made a promise to myself: No more talking shit. I do not think I ever really thought I was going to follow through with it. It was the kind of[Read More…]

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