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The surrealism of ‘Problemista’ elevates its poignancy

Scored with futuristically unsettling synth melodies and interjecting choral staccatos, narrator and famed arthouse actress Isabella Rosellini relays the complicated and costly process of acquiring a sponsored visa in the United States in Problemista. What begins visually as a cramped, two-room equation expands into a maze-like structure of trapdoors, fluorescent[Read More…]

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“Artist 4 Ceasefire” pins are not enough
By Charlotte Hayes, Staff Writer

At nearly every major awards show this year, a number of (American) celebrities , like Billie Eilish and Quinta Brunson, have attended red carpets donning a small red pin on their lapel. The circular metal brooch showing an extended hand and a black heart is a symbol of the organization “Artists 4 Ceasefire,” a group of musicians, filmmakers, and actors urging the U.S. government to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. While raising awareness is a good start, it is only one small part of showing solidarity and cannot be where activism ends. Very few artists seen wearing these pins have spoken about a ceasefire on red carpets and even fewer in acceptance speeches—it is crucial that those with a platform actually, tangibly use it to advocate for Palestinian liberation.