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It’s all about the lettuce!

On Sept. 21, McGill’s Lower Field teemed with anticipation, excitement, and dozens of students nervously clutching heads of lettuce. At first glance, the circle of students could be mistaken for a colony of hungry rabbits; in actuality, it was just the Lettuce Club’s third annual lettuce-eating competition.  In the centre[Read More…]

No, you can’t hit my vape

As of Oct. 31, Quebec will ban non-tobacco-flavoured vapes and set a new maximum nicotine concentration of 20 milligrams per millilitre for those that remain. Health Minister Christian Dubé, who first set out to amend vaping regulations in April, says this is meant to prevent the negative effects of vaping[Read More…]

Should I link in to LinkedIn?

In the workforce, employers often frame LinkedIn as an essential social media platform for those looking to enter the job market. For university students, LinkedIn’s most prominent features are its networking, job search, and job recruitment features, so most only join once they begin looking for internships or post-graduation employment.[Read More…]

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