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Farewell to The Tribune: Messages from our graduating editors

Suzanna Graham, Arts and Entertainment Editor: Three years ago, I felt disconnected from McGill, Montreal, and my fellow students. In the last week of my first year, a friend of a friend suggested I write for a school paper. The second week of second year, I ran from class to[Read More…]

Thank you, Freddy

I first got to know Fred Vardon in my second year at McGill, after seeing him every night at 8:55 p.m. in the Islamic Studies Library. Right before closing at 9 p.m., Vardon would empty the trash can by my adopted desk on the second floor, and that was my[Read More…]

If these stalls could talk

As the year comes to a close, we at The Tribune have been reflecting, and one topic of our reflection has been the hallowed bathroom stalls across campus. But what does your go-to bathroom say about you? Leacock basement bathroom  You’re an Arts student, but that’s just your part-time gig.[Read More…]

Take notes, McGill: Classes we need

Unlike many universities, McGill does not have required courses for all students. Here are some courses that, if mandated at McGill, would help equip students for the unexpected aspects of daily life as a McGillian. WLKY 101: How to not break a leg while traversing the Y  Navigating campus is[Read More…]

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