Joyce Murray

Exclusive interview with: Liberal leadership candidate Joyce Murray

Joyce Murray has been considered a “dark horse” in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership race since the start of the campaign period on Nov. 14, 2012. She recently received a celebrity boost as a result of endorsements from Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, and several advocacy groups, such as Avaaz and

One week before the final leadership debate, the Tribune spoke to Murray, a former Cabinet minister in the B.C. government, about her vision of a sustainable society, electoral cooperation, and what young Canadians want from their political representatives today.

Luke Orlando / McGill Tribune

McGill begins to plan for $19.1 million budget cuts

On Feb. 11, Provost Anthony Masi hosted three Town Hall meetings to provide the McGill community with information about the university’s current financial situation, and to receive feedback about how to deal with cuts of $19.1 million to McGill’s 2012-2013 operating budget. The Quebec government announced these cuts last December,[Read More…]

Quebec losing race to attract international students

Last Friday, McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum called for Quebec to increase its enrollment of international students in a speech hosted by the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations. Munroe-Blum drew attention to a topic that has been the subject of much debate in recent years—the place of international students in Canada[Read More…]

Ice ice baby: dancing and singing away the winter blues

Sara Traore Photography One of McGill’s dance crews, hip-hop group Urban Groove is hosting the university’s first ever winter performance showcasing many disciplines of the performing arts. From assorted dance styles to harmonic a cappella ensembles, the show will feature performances from Mosaica Dance Company, Inertia Dance Collective, Effusion, Tonal[Read More…]

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