Science from Science Fiction: Gravity

From invisibility cloaks to light sabres, many recent scientific advancements have made it possible for researchers to get a little bit closer to reproducing some of our favourite technologies portrayed in films. However, while science inches towards science fiction, science fiction can still take a lesson in recreating science. One[Read More…]

Dress up your Android and iOS for productivity

Apart from the usual suspects on your phone, such as Instagram and Snapchat, many other apps exist that can help you keep up with your schedule and manage your social life. Check out these lesser-known apps to ring in the New Year. Evernote Advertised as a suite of programs that[Read More…]

2013 Technology: a year in review

1. Wearable computing  Between Google Glass and the smart watch—including the models Galaxy Gear and Pebble, wearable computing is a rising trend. Pebble was founded by Eric Migicovsky and released in 2013. Originally, Migicovsky wanted a device that would allow him to use his smartphone without crashing his bicycle; from[Read More…]

Start-up Grind hopes to educate, inspire, and connect

Fifty cities; 15 countries; 15,000 entrepreneurs—this is the ground covered so far by the Start-up Grind. Founded by entrepreneurs Derek Anderson and Spencer Nielson in Feb. 2010, the event series will soon be making an appearance in Montreal. With the intention of creating a place for friends to come and[Read More…]

WildCard app acquires an academic spin

When does add/drop end? When will the finals schedule be released? These are all questions many McGill students struggle to find the answer to online, and that is where WildCard comes in. Tom Zheng and Randeep Singh started WildCard with a simple concept in 2011. According to Zheng, “It started[Read More…]

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