The silly, sordid story of salt

After spending the winter holidays in Toronto with a Christmas ice-storm generously donated by Jack Frost himself, I felt meteorologically prepared to start the semester at McGill; I was wrong. When I heard the sound of rain the morning of January 6, I uttered two words: Vatican cameos; watch out![Read More…]

The fabric of Montreal

Fashion is often seen as both a desired reality but also a delusion of grandeur. Beautiful and awe-inspiring, it has a way of persuading and tempting us with its elegance and irresistable allure. Like a skillful couturier, the industry weaves commerce with philanthropy and constructs the diverse and welcoming fabric of a community.[Read More…]

Beauty in simplicity

Somedays, clothes become frustrating. A brief look in the mirror and negotiations with the garments begin. Suddenly, dressing oneself quickly turns into a 3-D jigsaw puzzle of colours, textures, and shapes. In the end, we often just want something simple and pleasant. On the corner of Ave. Laurier and l’Esplanade,[Read More…]

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