Dan Deacon – Gliss Riffer

          Over the last decade, fans of musician-producer Dan Deacon have come to expect a certain degree of vibrancy and idiosyncrasy from his work. From the obscure and atonal sine wave explorations of Goose on the Loose (2003) to the infamous spoken word “Drinking Out of[Read More…]

Dialogue at the great divide

Those who have spent any considerable amount of time in Montreal are aware that the issue of multilingualism is more than simply one of communication. It’s a complex narrative of social history, political debate, and the search for individual identity—all inexorably linked to the myriad of personal histories that inform[Read More…]

Peer Review: Cult Classic

When listening to the complex, polished, and innovative sounds of Cult Classic’s latest singles, one could be easily forgiven for mistaking the dramatic and trancelike music of self-described “creampop” Montreal band Cult Classic for that of a band with years more experience together. Despite forming just over a year ago,[Read More…]

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