Tree Planting

Have you ever wanted to take a helicopter to work? Could you ditch hourly wages for self-motivated piecework? Despite the intensive labour, thousands of Canadian university students opt out of retail jobs and internships each summer to attempt to make a killing replanting Canada’s forests. What is tree planting? When[Read More…]

JOKE ISSUE: Frosh will be booze free in future

Frosh will go alcohol-free this Fall as part of a series of massive changes which are the result of a decreasing interest in getting shitfaced. Students’ Society Vice-President Internal Alex Brown said, “It’s really too bad that it’s come to this, but incoming students just don’t want to party.

OFF THE BOARD: My first mugshot

As a recent martyr for student journalism, I can say that getting arrested sucks. I attended the 14th annual March Against Police Brutality on March 15 with two other Tribune photojournalists to get some shots of the inevitable violence and rioting that occurs during the event.

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