One-tweet wonder

The thought of achieving any form of popularity had always seemed light-years away for someone like myself who is accustomed to mediocrity. I had never found the prospect of widespread admiration particularly attractive to begin with. As cliché as it sounds, external validation has always seemed a little shallow to[Read More…]

Through a glass, darkly

I was only 15 years old. Kicking off my Converse, my heart raced. The long-anticipated package was finally in my hands. The Arctic Monkeys blaring in my headphones tried to restrain the voices in my head. I analyzed the stranger in the mirror one last time. It was for the best. No it wasn’t. Yes it was. No it wasn’t. Tears fell on top of my hands as I pulled the bottle of skin-whitening cream from the box. I wanted to be white.

Whose side is artificial intelligence on?

In a rapidly evolving world, technology is at the forefront of innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the centre of attention of global tech pioneers. AI refers to a computer’s ability to exhibit signs of intelligence. This intelligence manifests itself in part in a machine’s capacity to make decisions[Read More…]

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