How (not) to leave home

A joke of history: North America is the centre of the modern world, so it can never truly feel international. Inane metaphors––melting pot, mosaic, salad bowl––only distract from the inexorable crush of the market and the English language. Even Quebec’s vaguely nationalist slogan, “//Je me souviens//,” today feels without content,[Read More…]

McGill to maintain partnership with Huawei despite federal ban from 5G network

McGill University plans to maintain its research partnerships with Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese telecommunications corporation recently barred from Canadian fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks by the federal government.  The Canadian government announced the ban on May 19, after years of pressure from federal opposition parties over privacy concerns and the[Read More…]

Kahentinetha demands a suspension to New Vic Project, calling for further investigation into the site’s history

Kahentinetha, a Kanien’kehá:ka kahnistensera (Mohawk Mother) of the Bear Clan and founder of Mohawk Nation News, is demanding the suspension of McGill’s New Vic project. In a brief posted to the Mohawk Nation News website, Kahentinetha called on McGill to acknowledge Indigenous sovereignty and to allow an investigation team—comprised of[Read More…]

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