Montreal Fashion Week

Sam Reynolds Sam Reynolds From Sept. 6 to 9, our cultural metropolis captivated the industry and the public alike at the 21st edition of Montreal Fashion Week. Bonsecours Market, in the hub of the Old Port, was the place to be seen and heard by buyers, bloggers, journalists, fashionistas, and[Read More…]

Quebec Couture Who Denis Gagnon is and what he does goes much deeper than a basic understanding of fashion culture. Celebrating 10 years of creation, Gagnon is not only a fashion designer—and an adored one in Quebec—but a couturier, a man who is true to his craft in its most ultimate[Read More…]

Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Toy Story 3

Just when you thought that Pixar couldn’t perfect another timeless movie, they’ve done it again. Although I’ve always been pretty skeptical about sequels within the animated genre-need I mention Little Mermaid 2, Lion King 1.5- this third instalment of Toy Story has truly proven that sequels can rank up to par with their original.

Summer Entertainment Report Cards: TV Shows – Entourage

Going into the show’s seventh season, Entourage followers have been anxiously waiting all year for some new excitement in the life of Vincent Chase and the boys. After leaving off last season with Vince filming in Rome and Eric finally proposing to Sloan, Vince begins shooting a new movie in which he’s persuaded to do his own dangerous driving stunt.

POP RHETORIC: Material Girl Gaga

When Lady Gaga first entered the pop music scene back in 2008, I forced myself to take a second look. Her lyrics were symbolic of both the feminine mystique and female empowerment, she wore avant-garde and provocative clothing (or a lack thereof), and she had the strong ability to capture the attention of millions by dominating the music charts for weeks on end.

CD REVIEWS: The Fugitives: Eccentrically We Love

After their EP In Streetlight Communion was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2007, it’s no wonder that The Fugitives’ first full-length album Eccentrically We Love pushes the boundaries once again with their storytelling and instrumental fusing talents.

Fashion Week Montreal

The 18th annual Montreal Fashion Week kicked off in style at the Marché Bonsecours last week. The festival was full of innovative fashion shows, glamorous parties, and the fifth edition of Le Showroom, in which leading designers play host to buyers from around the world.

We Are The City take on the rest of the country

After recently winning Vancouver’s first-ever Peak Performance Project, a contest created by radio station 100.5 The PEAK and Music BC to encourage up-and-coming artists based in British Columbia, We Are The City is humbly starting to realize that what lies ahead for them is going to be a huge departure from their beginnings.

Tips from a personal trainer

Staying in shape and keeping up a regular fitness regimen in winter can be a challenge. But rather than staying in bed or camping out in the library, grab winter by the horns – or rather, the icicles – and embrace it. Many people opt to stay in, make a nice cup of hot chocolate and a snack, and let the nostalgic TV reruns roll.

Revamping spoken word

It’s hard to imagine how rewriting the lyrics to a Fat Boys song into his own beat-box symphony at the age of nine could lead C.R. Avery to where he is today. Currently on his Dead of Winter cross-Canada tour, backed by The Legal Tender String Quartet, you could say that Avery is in his element – his storytelling/harmonica-playing/beat-boxing element.

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