Research Briefs—March 31, 2015

  A visual dictionary Recent research published in The Journal of Neuroscience by researchers from Georgetown University has preseanted the mechanism underlying how humans read. The researchers found that instead of breaking down words into sounds and meanings, our brains visually imagine the word first. The collaboration of scientists conducting[Read More…]

Off the board: Our Wednesday night affair

McGill students have recently found themselves a steamy new Wednesday night mistress. It would appear that weeknight beer-drinking types have left Gerts, a McGill institution,  in favour of a newer, larger establishment—Ace Bar and Grill. This Winter, Gerts has felt the painful backlash of its once loyal customers leaving its [Read More…]

BASiC breaks down barriers

The sixth annual Combining Two Cultures (C2C) conference was held this past weekend at McGill. Hosted by the Bachelor of Arts and Science Integrative Council (BASiC), the event included presentations from McGill professors specializing in integrative techniques, intensive workshops, Montreal tours, and a networking social. Initially held in 2009 at[Read More…]

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