Students plan to promote safer spaces in Faculty of Engineering

Members of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) are looking to integrate social equity and sustainability into the Engineering curriculum. An open discussion held on Nov. 10  addressed the creation of safer spaces for Engineering students. EUS Equity Commissioner Christopher Tegho led the discussion on possible methods for promoting awareness of[Read More…]

Could McGill have a Fall reading week?

As the Fall semester drives on towards finals, many McGill students look wistfully towards other universities that have implemented a Fall break in recent years. While Fall reading weeks used to be unusual for Canadian universities, the additional break is quickly becoming the norm. For the first time this year,[Read More…]

Fair Trade Week promotes socially conscious consumption

Last week, McGill celebrated Fair Trade Week with various events dedicated to the promotion of fair trade products, including free coffee and chocolate fountains. The weeklong event followed the announcement over the summer that the university became the first school in Quebec and the fifth in Canada to become fair[Read More…]

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