A moment with Jack Han

A combination of insightful advice, followed by a challenge from a friend catalyzed McGill Marketing graduate Jack Han’s current project, “30 jobs in 30 days.”  Han is literally trying 30 different jobs—from pizza delivery man to professional tennis player—on for size. It began with a conversation over dinner. After enduring[Read More…]

How to limit your social media use

For one week, I sacrificed my beloved Facebook account and Blackberry in the name of research. My aim was to calculate how much time is wasted texting, posting, ‘liking,’ Instagramming, and so on. I wanted to measure effective work yielded to the amount of time that would have normally been[Read More…]

Customer etiquette

Any good writer seeks to express the truth, be it in politics or interior decorating. Until now, it seems that a large portion of the restaurant-frequenting world has been blind to what really happens behind the scenes in these hectic establishments that appear calm and cool to the blind eye.[Read More…]

Graduating into the real world. (www.iastate.edu)

How long can I stay?

There is more to planning your education than choosing your school, faculty, major, and minor. University attracts learners from a range of diverse experiences: mature students, little ducklings fresh out of high school, and those who opted to take a year (or two) in between high school and university for[Read More…]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for poutine!

French fries. Cheese. Gravy. At first glance, this smorgasbord of three equally fatty, mouthwateringly delectable foods seems absurd. Who thought of mixing these things together? Better yet, why do we all love it? The only certainty when it comes to poutine is that the utter quirkiness of our great city of Montreal is matched[Read More…]

A farewell meal to winter

Everything about summer is great. Sunshine, the lack of school, the revitalization of your bank account through a summer job, patios, lake breezes, boating, and of course, delectable fresh summer food. I have been blessed to live in a community where my food comes straight from the backyard of my[Read More…]

Bathroom break

After four long years of an abusive relationship with McGill campus public restrooms, it’s time for me to speak out about the frustration, the repulsion, and the anger they have caused me. Too many times have I entered the facilities on the ground floor of Redpath across from the fishbowl[Read More…]

Three breakfast venues to keep your bellies full

annaisafoodie.blogspot.com   In Montreal, we are spoiled with an eclectic mix of quality eateries. Considering the fact that the island of Montreal has slightly over 5,000 restaurants, combined with the shameful truth that, if my student budget allowed, I would gladly eat out for every meal, I have done my[Read More…]

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