Sun Kil Moon—Benji

Unique in its cohesiveness and beautiful in its honesty, Sun Kil Moon delivers a true masterpiece with their new album Benji. Although still under the moniker Sun Kil Moon, Benji is born from the workings of singer/guitarist Mark Kozelek and plays like an autobiography of his life. The album is[Read More…]


There’s something to be said about female vocalists and indie pop, a match so perfect and compatible, that it can usually intrigue the ear no matter how respectable the music really is. Luckily in the case of Amber Papini, lead vocalist of Hospitality, her stylings are both intriguing and respectable.[Read More…]

Gramatik—The Age of Reason

Among today’s monotonous, often regurgitated world of electronic music, it is difficult to find something genuinely fresh. Despite this, Gramatik has harnessed the ability to supply interesting, novel sounds in the realm of electronic music. His most recent effort, The Age of Reason, is no exception. Trading slower, swung electro[Read More…]

Hummingbird: Local Natives

Hot off their critically-acclaimed 2010 release Gorilla Manor, Local Natives return with Hummingbird, bringing with them a new sense of maturity and complexity. Although still possessing an authentic feel, Hummingbird presents a dramatic shift in sound, trading light, airy tones for heavy, intimate tracks that reflect the group’s coming-of-age. Nevertheless,[Read More…]

Iamsu!: Suzy 6 Speed

On his new release, Suzy 6 Speed, Bay area rapper and producer Iamsu! trades the bass-heavy beats and dreamy stoner synths of the critically acclaimed spring release Kilt for high BPMs and an endless supply of carefully programmed snare claps. Su’s smooth, sing-song flow contrasts with the mixtape’s high-energy production,[Read More…]

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