Exploring the groundbreaking architecture at the “Design for the Global Majority” exhibition

As the global housing crisis worsens, a revolutionary project spearheaded by the Minimum Cost Housing Group (MCHG) at McGill’s Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture promises to reverse the narrative. “Design for the Global Majority,” an exhibition happening on campus from Oct. 2 to 27, showcases affordable and sustainable housing[Read More…]

McGill students unite with Héma-Québec: From blood donations to saving lives

Every 80 seconds, someone in Quebec needs blood. Héma-Québec, which marks its 25th anniversary this month, has been the unwavering supplier of blood products, human tissues, and other crucial donations to Quebec’s healthcare system. Their relentless efforts have long been amplified through partnerships with local communities. One such collaboration was[Read More…]

On the origins of stereotypes: Implicit bias rooted in identity markers

Are Canadians ridiculously polite? Is Gen Z exceedingly self-absorbed? Stereotypes pervade our day-to-day lives, with their roots grounded in false notions and “othering” media portrayals. However, stereotypes of age, race, gender, and other identifiers do not exist in a vacuum—an identity consists of multiple identifiers that mesh and interlock. A[Read More…]

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