Anonymous grading sparks debate at Senate

The possibility of anonymous exam grading gave rise to debate at Senate last Wednesday. Discussion stemmed from a report by the Academic Policy Committee, which concluded that there should be no university-wide policy on anonymous evaluations. Anonymous grading policies have been implemented at other universities worldwide and in McGill’s Faculty[Read More…]

Understanding unpaid internships

Considering working for free this summer? In a grim labour market, unpaid internships seem to be a bizarre trend that has made life after graduation more even difficult. As internships are part of a grey zone often undefined and unregulated by legal frameworks, it’s important for students to be aware[Read More…]

TaCEQ executive resigns citing “degrading situation“

The resignation of an executive from the Quebec Student Roundtable (TaCEQ) last Friday marks the continued disintegration of the student federation. Guillaume Fortin, vice-general secretary of communications and internal affairs, announced his departure from the organization, which currently represents the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and two associations from[Read More…]

Does proximity yield progress?

While the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) has generated considerable interest since its announcement in January 2012, the concept of the innovation district is far from new. From Silicon Valley to 22@Barcelona, cities and governments today are investing billions of dollars in urban redevelopment projects that bring people and businesses together[Read More…]

Advice on navigating advising

As we settle into another semester, many students find themselves facing looming questions they put off over the holidays. What’s the best way to find a summer job or internship? Do you have enough credits to graduate on time? How can your budget accommodate another semester’s tuition fees? One of[Read More…]

McGill responds to sexual assault policy critiques

The creation of a co-ordinator position  and a public forum on the topic of sexual consent were two measures announced by the administration last Thursday in response to recent criticism of McGill’s policies regarding sexual assault. Thursday’s announcement follows criticism from members of the McGill community about the administration’s response[Read More…]

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