Primal Rock Rebellion: Awoken Broken

  Primal Rock Rebellion is the rather unlikely collaboration of Adrian Smith and Mikee Goodman: the former a guitarist from one of the titans of metal, Iron Maiden, and the latter a vocalist from the underground, and now dissolved, progressive/mathcore/avant-garde group SikTh.  Their first album together, Awoken Broken, is a[Read More…]

Cancelled before their time

Television shows exist to make money, and critical acclaim or devoted fan-bases are poor substitutes for advertising revenue.  Number of viewers aside, here are five shows that didn’t deserve their cancellations.  All of these selections ran for twenty episodes or less; while shows like Arrested Development or Deadwood might have[Read More…]

A cultish heroine Making a film that deliberately attempts to confuse its audience can be a tricky thing. Not only is there the risk of repelling (or simply boring) viewers, but the incoherence can overwhelm the purpose of the trickery. Fortunately, first-time director Sean Durkin was able to avoid most of these[Read More…]

Iced Earth: Dystopia

That Iced Earth’s newest album Dystopia is nearly identical to its predecessors does not necessarily condemn it to mediocrity. The band’s leader (and sole fixture), rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer, has been cutting songs from the same cloth for a long time, but has managed to produce a number of very[Read More…]

Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Inception

It would not be presumptuous to call Inception the movie event of the year. Certainly no other film this year has generated nearly the same amount of buzz as Christopher Nolan’s most recent blockbuster. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an extractor, a thief who steals thoughts from the minds of his targets through their dreams.

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