Joshua Freedman (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

Set the MPs Free

Since 2005, Stephen Harper’s government has been accused of stifling the freedom of its Members of Parliament (MPs), and being overly controlling of the parliamentary agenda. This past week, Conservative MP Mark Warawa attempted to debate and pass a motion in the House of Commons that would condemn the practice[Read More…]

Joshua Freedman (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

Outrage over drones is misplaced

On Wednesday, Mar. 6, United States Senator Rand Paul conducted a 13-hour filibuster in response to the Attorney General’s refusal to provide a clear answer to the question of whether the President has “the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American[Read More…]

Sun, sports, and snowbird seniors

While the city of Montreal is caught up in the excitement of a dominating start for their Canadiens, I caught up on some Grapefruit League spring training baseball in Florida during reading week. Spring training is a time for seasoned ballplayers to shake off any rust that may have accumulated[Read More…]

A role for chance?

Everyone who gets into an elite university, including our own, probably feels at one time or another that they were deserving of meriting acceptance into the school, and that the admissions committee did not reach this decision lightly.  A highly revealing article published by Ron Unz in The American Conservative[Read More…]

Forgetting facts

Perhaps the most important factor in considering a university education is that it equips one with a set of facts and knowledge that would otherwise be hard to come by. Indeed, we enter class expecting to be bombarded by a wealth of ideas, and we expect that the information we[Read More…]

Zero Dark Torture?

In an Academy Award season mostly bereft of controversy, Zero Dark Thirty has filled the void with its brutal and frank depiction of torture. The film, a dramatization of the American military operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, was written based on conversations with people who had first hand knowledge[Read More…]

State of the Liberal leadership race

Now that the American election is finally over, we can once again set our sights closer to home, where an interesting leadership battle is brewing in the Liberal caucus between Martha Hall-Findlay, Justin Trudeau, and more recently, Marc Garneau—who is expected to declare his candidacy very soon. As things stand[Read More…]

Hope and Change

Since leaving Canadian politics, Michael Ignatieff has been forceful, intelligent, charismatic, and well-spoken. In other words, he has become the diametric opposite of the Michael Ignatieff who led the Liberal party to its worst parliamentary showing in recent memory. Speaking at the BBC’s annual Free Thinking Festival, Ignatieff decried the[Read More…]

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