Sam Reynolds Today marks the first day of Movember (the month formerly known as November), a full 30 days dedicated to the grooming and acknowledgment of the moustache—the Mo. This is all done in order to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer. The rules: each[Read More…]

One of America’s first hipsters

Rock n’ roll tested the ‘50s. Hippies protested the ‘60s and ‘70s. Similarly, the hipster subculture of recent years has been challenging the established conventions of youth, and doing so with increasing press, influence, and sartorial expression. In theory, hipsterism—through independent thinking, progressive politics and, perhaps most clichéd, an artsy[Read More…]

The big bad wolf Although fairy tales have  given wolves a bad name, it may be unwarranted. Canada’s First Nations population has revered the wolf for thousands of years: Traditional Yukon First Nations’ social and political organization is based on two clans—the Crow and the Wolf. Contemporary culture is also steadily providing the[Read More…]

Anderson Cooper’s identity crisis It has been nine days since Anderson Cooper became Oprah Winfrey. For those of you who have not yet heard of this rebirth, you can witness the Anderson show firsthand on weekday afternoons, or if you’re without cable, you can also watch it on the Internet. I think that’s[Read More…]

Powwow promotes cultural understanding

Ryan Reisert A lively combination of drumming, dancing, and booths adorned with native art drew a large crowd to Lower Field on Friday. “I was just coming from my bio lab, and I heard all of the music, so I came by to check it out,” said Kevin Dick, a[Read More…]

Crime TV too real for me

To all of those TV junkies who have recently taken up a nightly routine of watching prime-time crime shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI, and CSI Miami (also known as the better CSI), I come to you with a grave, grave warning: too much exposure to police procedural dramas is[Read More…]

Peace signs and stink bombs: Paul Watson and his war As far as activism goes, Paul Watson could be considered an outlaw, especially after Greenpeace voted him off of their team in 1977. He has since been called the bad-boy of the Canadian environmental movement, a professional radical ecologist, and the ocean’s very own Rambo. Yet pacifists feel he[Read More…]

Roommates Q’s

Remember that roommate rules questionnaire your floor fellow handed out at the beginning of first year? We don’t. We’ve come up with our own replacement, because having roommate squabbles during exams is worse than actually taking exams. If you just discovered that your roommate uses a live rooster as an[Read More…]

The basics of good performances

When a performance of his favourite Mozart concerto failed to hit the spot, McGill psychology Professor Daniel Levitin decided to find out why. “I love the piece,” Levitin said. “He’s playing all the notes, but I found myself thinking, ‘Why is it that some recordings and performances move us to[Read More…]

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