Vulnerability to alcoholism linked to the brain’s reward system

While long-term alcohol use has been known to have various effects on the brain, including memory impairment and nerve damage, a more recent study suggests there might be another effect to add to that long list. Those who are vulnerable to alcoholism also experience a larger dopamine (reward system) response when consuming a large drink, as found in a study conducted by Marco Leyton, a researcher at the Mental Illness and Addiction axis at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC).

Sci-Tech Summer Reads

As the summer months draw near, visions of sandy beaches and cool breezes take over our minds, filling us with warmth—and promises of lots of free time. Whether looking out at the sea or the back of the seat in front of you on a flight, nothing can transport you[Read More…]

Promising solution for those with poor taste

For people without a functional salivary gland, food tastes like it is rolled in sand, says Dr. Simon Tran, Faculty of Dentistry and Canada Research Chair in Craniofacial Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering. Based on a recent paper by Vijayendra Kumar for the Indian Journal of Stomatology, up to 1.5[Read More…]

McGill unveils new and streamlined myCourses

McGill students are getting a new taste of a refined myCourses recipe this fall. The new myCourses is the product of a two-year process that included focus groups to assess the needs of the course site users, interviews with faculty and students, and finally, finding the right vendor to deliver[Read More…]

Don’t panic

As the add/drop period comes to an end, students seem frantic to get those last spots in their desired classes. These 13 days of testing the waters provide a good sense of what the classes are like, but the pool can only hold so much. Instead of refreshing Minerva every[Read More…]

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