Course cuts: rolling with the punches

Once again, Arts is cutting courses. On Jan. 28, the Faculty of Arts Committee (FAC) convened for the second time this academic year. The primary announcement that emerged from the meeting was another 5 per cent reduction to all existing Arts courses, equating to the cancellation of another 50 classes[Read More…]

Ford sputters in media circus

Rob Ford, with all of his latest foibles, has now achieved worldwide infamy. In just a matter of weeks, the mayor of Toronto has revealed himself to be a crack user,  drunk driver, and ultimately unfit for office. What’s missing in this list of labels the media has conjured? That[Read More…]

A charter of values but not inclusion

On Nov. 7, the Parti Québécois  (PQ) moved to table the controversial Charter of Values, revealing the document with its new, lengthy title—the “Charter affirming the values of secularism and the religious neutrality of the state, as well as the equality of men and women, and the framing of accommodation[Read More…]

Focus on the women, not the family

Why do we conceptualize women as needing a strong husband to succeed in politics? On Monday Oct. 28, Women in House McGill and the Political Science Students’ Association (PSSA) hosted a panel discussion on women in leadership. Towards the end of the evening, Janine Krieber, a political science professor at[Read More…]

Faculty of Arts gets short shrift

It may have been two weeks ago, but announcements at the first meeting of the Faculty of Arts Committee concerning the Teaching and Learning Spaces (TLS) budget remain on my mind. At this meeting, Associate Dean Gillian Lane-Mercier announced the results from the TLS working group. For the 2014-2015 year,[Read More…]

Taken: laptop theft on campus

There’s a strange feeling that comes with having something stolen. Two years ago, my phone was stolen as I was getting on  a train home for reading week. Because I had a new contract and needed a phone, I had to pay $500 out of pocket to replace the stolen[Read More…]

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