CAMPUS: Ants in tenants’ pants

Ant poison was applied to Greenbriar apartments last Wednesday after three weeks of ant infestations. The Student Housing Office decided to apply ant poison to every room of the residence, one of two apartment-style dormitories McGill University offers students.

BLACK & WHITE: Miss manners for Facebook

The embarrassing number of hours I’ve spent trolling Facebook profiles have convinced me we need a Facebook etiquette handbook. You know, the sort of pamphlet that would’ve circulated in the 19th century: an almanac of do’s and dont’s for ladies and gentlemen who wish to participate in civil society.

BLACK & WHITE: Halfway on humanities

Over the past four years, I have alternated between feelings of repulsion and uncertain excitement when thinking about graduate school. After attending the department of English Symposium – an event where English professors present the papers they have been working on – I experienced these feelings side by side and learned that conflicting feelings, if they had a colour, would be the baffling tint of ashy water.

BLACK & WHITE: Be honest, then be right

I woke up, uncertain and lost, to a staccato burst of screams. I lay in bed for a few more seconds, staring into the darkness, and my heartbeat picked up as the screams rose in pitch. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to go back to sleep and pretend I hadn’t heard anything.

BLACK & WHITE: This mortal coil

Existential crises are as awkward to talk about as bowel movements. In a milieu that celebrates irony more than sincerity, any attempt to be philosophical is either going to make me resemble an overeager, emo teenager, or an indecipherable, pompous intellectual, and I’m not sure which I’ll end up sounding like in this column.

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