The ink on your fingers

Why do we read student newspapers? Why do we, every week, pick up any of the campus publications and question, judge, accept, or concur with the articles inside? We are offended by them. We are amused by them. They give us something to do between classes, while sitting down for[Read More…]

When you spin you can really love

You enter the gym. The ceiling lights are off. The only source of light comes from two or three rented lights that spin and/or change color. Of course, the light may just be coming from the lights in front of the speakers that the CD player is plugged into. Your[Read More…]

Spring break: wooo!!!

Until about 5 a.m. on Saturday, February 19, I’d never seen the ocean. I’d seen pictures of it, of course, and I went to Cancun when I was eight years old, but neither really counts. My apprehension towards tropical places was amplified by the hordes of inexcusable “douchebags” I had[Read More…]

The Facebook generation

On January 25, the nominations for the 83rd annual Academy Awards were announced. A film about a website received eight nominations This wouldn’t have been possible five years ago. The Social Network is important because Mark Zuckerberg changed our lives. It is about how we communicate, how we share, and[Read More…]

Recrastinators of the world … unite!

I was a day late coming back to school, and thus, was behind in my classes before my final semester at McGill even started. Despite this, I don’t feel an urgent need to catch up. But why do certain people seem to actually prefer regularly repeating cycles of falling behind[Read More…]

De-classy-fy BDP!

There are few places in Montreal that feel like home. Bars, mostly. One has such a special place in my heart that when it went through a renovation last year, I was nearly distressed. Would my favourite bar change? Would it become a spot where I was no longer welcome?[Read More…]


I take off my shirt and it smells. I sniff my armpits, first the left, then the right, and they both smell. I stand in front of the mirror, shirtless, sweat and rain pouring down my face, ricocheting off me, and falling into the porcelain bowl, and I look at[Read More…]

Bring back handwritten invites

I miss receiving invitations. Paper invitations. Invitations for everything. Birthday parties, pool parties, other parties. Those flimsy cards were a precious commodity in elementary and middle school. They’re now a relic of a time when people had to sit down and write by hand, and had to commit time, dedication,[Read More…]

Incapacitated instruction

Due to an incident of drunken buffoonery and stupidity, I spent the better part of last weekend, from October 22nd until the 25th, lying around my apartment on couches and beds with a tensor bandage around my swollen, bruised, painful left ankle. Ice was applied. Medicine was taken (as was[Read More…]

Quit acting like a brat

It’s your first year, and you’re excited. In high school, you were the actor. That’s how people knew you. You were in all the school plays, and you received rewards, recognition, and bouquets. To improve your craft, you have come to McGill, where you actually get to interact with people[Read More…]

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