Youth voting made easy at McGill

Youth participation within the Canadian political sphere is currently experiencing a drought. In the 2011 federal election, the voter turnout for the ages 18-24 was a measly 38.8 per cent, while the 25-34 demographic was at 45.1 per cent, respectively the lowest and second lowest among all age demographics. While[Read More…]

Faded Red

The 1960s and 1970s are widely known as decades of extreme change, but few places in North America saw such a dramatic pivot in their social, economic, and political construct as Quebec. A time of radicalism, this period was characterized by new ideas flowing into the province from all directions.[Read More…]

New year, new options

There was an aura of uncertainty surrounding the Gerts Students Bar as summer approached. Following the failure of the Building Referendum Fee last March, it appeared inevitable that price increases would hit Gerts. While there may have been some growing bar prices, Gerts has increased food and drink options, with[Read More…]

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