Farewell to The Tribune: Messages from our graduating editors

Suzanna Graham, Arts and Entertainment Editor: Three years ago, I felt disconnected from McGill, Montreal, and my fellow students. In the last week of my first year, a friend of a friend suggested I write for a school paper. The second week of second year, I ran from class to[Read More…]

To all the sports I’ve loved before: McGill athletes and sports fans share love letters to the sports they love most

Tillie Burlock, Managing Editor  Dear baseball, My bat mitzvah was a week away. As my soft spoken tutor, Aaron, desperately tried to get me to focus on my D’var Torah, the speech I would be delivering before an audience of family members and bored preteens, Jose Bautista stepped up to[Read More…]

Some like it hot: Chocolate

We’ve reached winter. It’s cold—we’re all familiar with the wind seeping through our fall-appropriate cargo pants and bunching our fists in the palm of our gloves. We need hot chocolate. If you’re wondering where to find the best cup in the city, I’ve got you. Look no further for an[Read More…]

Birds: My mortal enemies

I didn’t see a single bird during the U.S. government shutdown between Dec. 22, 2018, and Jan. 25, 2019. While the feathery fiends in British Columbia may have just been taking the month off from antagonizing my fellow high schoolers on the frosty coast of Vancouver Island, I choose to[Read More…]

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