Alleged steroid players exiting hall of fame purgatory

Four years after the 1994 MLB lockout hinted at baseball’s impending financial death, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa resuscitated the game with an electrifying race past Roger Maris’ single season homerun record. The 1998 season marked a rebirth for baseball, but a revival underscored by rampant, unsupervised, and unpunished steroid use.

MLB Awards

American League Awards Weiyu Dang MVP: Mike Trout ( Centre fielder, Los Angeles Angels) Logically, Trout must win the MVP. He’s been the best player in the MLB for five years; however, the voters are largely establishment cronies and it’s possible he’ll lose because the Angels had a bad season. While[Read More…]

Alex Rodriguez’s exit and flawed idealism

Of all superstar retirements, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s exit was one of the strangest and most understated; the career of the imperfect baseball icon came to an end in the middle of a mediocre New York Yankee season. Rodriguez, the most intriguing and unique—if not the most talented—Yankee, never received the[Read More…]

Black Power and Beyonce

Black lights over America: How Black Power is transforming pop culture

Between Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show, Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance, and Kanye West’s assault on reason, Black Power is igniting every pop culture barricade in sight in defiance of convention. When Beyoncé released “Formation,” fans expecting another version of the club-ready recycled trap hit “7/11” were left distraught. Gone was the[Read More…]

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