Make your student union work for you

The first time I learned about the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) was during a Zoom meeting for The McGill Tribune’s news section in January 2021, nearly five months into my first year. As an intimidated newcomer, I joined the meeting thinking I would just test out the vibe[Read More…]

The virtual realm can’t save us

Where do you go when you need help? When there are those moments in the semester too overwhelming to handle, to process, to sit still? When assignments pile up and you’re wading through homesickness, isolation, or low self-esteem? What if you’ve been struggling with your mental health? I don’t ask[Read More…]

Paint me a pixel

Imagine intelligence is artificial  It begins as an idea. A flicker of colour, of motion, a feeling that you want to convey. There are so many mediums to choose from—charcoal, clay, oil, acrylic? Pencil, paintbrush, camera, hands? In a frenzy, you make the decision and set to work. It’s torturous,[Read More…]

Nixon, Mon Amour

That’s it, I have had enough. I can no longer stand by and watch as students continue to criticize and bully François Legault. The truth has been staring us in the face this whole time, but we’ve been too distracted by violent video games and metal music to care. The[Read More…]

Rolling the dice on academic freedom

McGill University bears the name of its founder James McGill, but this honorific was a condition tied to James’s large donations that were used to establish the institution. His gift, however, cannot be isolated from the colonial violence which produced it. He was only able to formalize the higher education[Read More…]

The quiet life of a minor language

There was a time in my early childhood when I could easily have been described as bilingual. My parents briefly committed to the one-parent-one-language system—my mother spoke only Japanese with me, and my father only English. As a child in Toronto, Japanese never took prominence in my everyday speech, but[Read More…]

Spent out and stretched to the limit

Inflation in Canada is at an all-time high: Recent data released shows that the consumer price index (CPI), which represents changes in prices, is up 6.9 per cent year-over-year in September. This month, Montreal’s city-wide average rent rose by $44 to $1,541 for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit. University students come[Read More…]

Leaving the starving student behind

Content Warning: Eating disorders Every McGill student has likely trekked to the library for a study session, and emerged five hours later, stomach grumbling, head aching, needing food close and quick. But not every McGill student can afford a $13.56 salad from Redpath or a $6.37 cup of fruit from[Read More…]

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