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Incapacitated instruction

Due to an incident of drunken buffoonery and stupidity, I spent the better part of last weekend, from October 22nd until the 25th, lying around my apartment on couches and beds with a tensor bandage around my swollen, bruised, painful left ankle. Ice was applied. Medicine was taken (as was[Read More…]

Talking to euthanasia opponent Margaret Somerville

Logan Smith Margaret Somerville, founding director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law, recently  testified at the Quebec National Assembly hearings. She sat down with the Tribune to share some of her thoughts on euthanasia. Why have you taken such an active role against euthanasia? It is the[Read More…]

Sperm donors must remain anonymous

  The Supreme Court of British Columbia is currently deciding whether Olivia Pratten’s inability to access the identity and medical records of her unwitting biological father—a sperm donor 28 years ago—violates her constitutional rights to “life, liberty, and security of person.”  Pratten, a reporter for the Canadian Press, sued to[Read More…]

SSMU is right to take political positions

At the Students’ Society Council meeting last Wednesday, SSMU voted in favour of a motion to “stand in solidarity” with the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill, or AGSEM, as they push to unionize course lecturers. Some councillors raised concerns about SSMU being too political and the motion being[Read More…]

Source confidentiality must be protected

McGill Tribune Last Friday, the Supreme Court of Canada outlined certain principles for assessing cases in which journalists in Quebec are asked to reveal the identities of anonymous sources they use in gathering sensitive information. The Tribune feels it is vital to the public interest that reporters are able to[Read More…]

Freeing Demasduit

McGill Tribune Demasduit was 23 when she saw her husband die. In 1819, Newfoundland colonists raided her village and took her captive. They shot her husband before her eyes, leaving her newborn child to die.  Eventually the colonists tried to return Demasduit to her people, but could not find them.[Read More…]

The enjoyment ethic

You are familiar with the words usually attributed to Bob Marley: “In every life we have some trouble/ But when you worry, you make it double/  Don’t worry, be happy.” This famous line—adopted as a mantra by stoners everywhere—was actually written by an early 20th century Indian mystic named Meher[Read More…]

The library stampede

McGill Tribune The Library Stampede kicks off when you wake up. After slamming your alarm clock you stumble groggily from bed, glaring around the room, daring anything or anyone to mention something about good sleep leading to good grades. The glorious image of an open, spacious library spot—plug-in included—begins to[Read More…]

Buying all (anti-Muslim) bigots!

McGill Tribune I do not expect corporate media outlets to report “facts” without exaggerating them, cherry-picking them, “misprinting” and later retracting them, or making them up entirely. I do, however, expect these outlets and their celebrity reporters to at least publicly pretend they lack a double standard. How foolish of[Read More…]

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