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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Emotion is a loaded word

Re: “Presidential endorsement: Sarah Woolf” (9.3.10) The Tribune sounds downright patronizing when they tell a female political candidate to control her emotions. It is as stupid and condescending to tell a woman so accomplished as Sarah to “control her emotions” as it is to assume that emotionality might hinder anyone as “forceful and rational” as she.

RIGHT MINDED: National insecurity

A culture that refuses to allow Canada’s intelligence service to do its job is putting the safety of Canadian citizens at risk. Canada’s state intelligence agency, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, has come under attack for defending national interests abroad.

EDITORIAL: Jean (Charest) and Kate plus 8: Quebec funds in-vitro

Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc announced last week that the Quebec government will fully fund up to three cycles of in-vitro treatment for infertile couples. This announcement, which fulfills a pre-election promise made by Jean Charest in 2008, makes Quebec the first province to adopt such a policy.

EDITORIAL: Let us do our jobs; Mr. Neilson tear down this bylaw!

Last week, 10 McGill Tribune editors were forced to take leaves of absence in order to campaign for the creation of a $3 fee to support an independent Tribune. And while we’re ecstatic that students voted “yes” to the fee, the bylaw that required half of our editorial board to resign needs to be changed.

BLACK & WHITE: Miss manners for Facebook

The embarrassing number of hours I’ve spent trolling Facebook profiles have convinced me we need a Facebook etiquette handbook. You know, the sort of pamphlet that would’ve circulated in the 19th century: an almanac of do’s and dont’s for ladies and gentlemen who wish to participate in civil society.

The Tribune’s 2010 winter referendum endorsements

Eight referenda and a plebiscite question appear on the Students’ Society winter electoral ballot. After careful deliberation, the Tribune editorial board has endorsed a position on each of the questions. Our candidate endorsements appear on pages 10 & 11.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Combatting false parallels

Re: “Supressing debate: Ontario’s language politics” by Max Silverman (2.3.10) In his article, Max Silverman relies on two ad hominem arguments instead of critically analyzing the relevant issues. To me, and clearly the Ontario legislature, Peter Shurman’s judgment of the event “Israeli Apartheid Week” was accurate.

Letters from the Editors

If you spend a lot of time complaining about McGill for its lack of or poorly run programs and student life, you would be a hypocrite to not vote YES for the Tribune’s independence. Okay, hypocrite’s a bit strong. But the point is, I spent a lot of time complaining about just that over my time at McGill.

COMMENTARY: Why we need the Trib

Let’s talk about accountability. I realize that sounds about as enticing as “let’s shovel horse manure” or “let’s talk about our relationship,” but bear with me. Right now, a student politician is wasting your money. Or maybe – if it’s a good day – they’re just saying something stupid on your behalf.

COMMENTARY: What the Tribune taught me

Although four years and thousands of dollars was a steep price, I do give McGill credit for teaching me one extremely important lesson: the most relevant, edifying learning is accomplished outside the classroom. At first I thought that university would be training.

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