Behind the Bench

Standing up and speaking up

“Republicans buy shoes too.” Those words came from the mouth of one Michael Jeffrey Jordan, after he declined to endorse a black Democratic candidate for a North Carolina Senatorial election in 1990. More recently, Jordan’s one-time Chicago Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman made headlines following his third visit to North Korea[Read More…]

The beauty behind the brawn

It’s the closest you can get to floating: the light whisper of feet brushing over canvas, the natural rhythm of the body, and the push and pull of the dance. Everything quiets when you step on the floor; it’s just you and your partner. I always get weird looks when[Read More…]

Remembering the Raptors

My on-again, off-again relationship with the Raptors began when my family purchased nosebleed tickets during the “Vince Carter years.” We’d cheer and shout “DEFENCE” as prompted by the giant letter D and picket fence displayed on the jumbotron. If we were lucky, we’d catch the cameraman’s eye and make it[Read More…]

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