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What is good sex to you?

When it was announced that a two-time Fulbright-winning Harvard-PhD professor from the University of Alabama was coming to speak at McGill about her new book, most students probably weren’t expecting it to be titled Good Sex.  But when professor of gender and cultural studies Catherine Roach visited McGill on March[Read More…]

Preserving life, drop by drop

On March 6 and 7, McGill’s on-campus blood drive provided students with a productive activity between classes: Donating blood. The drive was brought to students through a collaboration between the McGill Students’ Blood Donation Association (MSBDA), the Medicine, Education, and Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE), the Medical Students’ Society[Read More…]

By the light of a brother’s smile

In a now-viral, nine-minute introduction speech in praise of Michael B. Jordan’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, actor Jonathan Majors expressed his love for his friend, Creed III co-star, and brother. Embracing one another, the pair displayed an intimacy and affection uncommon in an era that has proclaimed[Read More…]

No more wasted groceries

As college students, we have a lot on our plates. When we’re balancing attending classes and completing assignments to working part-time jobs and managing our social lives, we can’t always prioritize grocery shopping. As a result, you might tend to make quick grocery runs once or twice a week, only[Read More…]

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