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The T: Know Your Tenant Rights, Jan. 22

News Editor Sequoia Kim provides a weekly roundup of McGill news. Listen here through SoundCloud, or search for the title on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

This week on the show:

An Investigative feature brought to you by Nina Russell, Managing Editor: Floor fellows speak out on their experiences from Fall 2020

Divest McGill responds to McGill’s new Sustainability Strategy

Student governance meetings: SSMU Legislative Council & PGSS Council

Webinar of the Week: “How to not get screwed over by your landlord”

Episode links:

Floor fellows cite lack of support during Fall 2020 semester, by Nina Russell,
Managing Editor

McGill’s new Climate and Sustainability Strategy receives mixed reactions, by
Respina Rostamifar, Staff Writer

SSMU hosts presentation on tenant rights and gentrification, by Ella Fitzhugh,
Staff Writer

PGSS Legislative Council votes to restructure Health and Wellness
Committee, by Leyla Moy, Student Life Editor

Host: Sequoia Kim, News Editor
Podcast Producers: Multimedia Editors Sarah Ford & Alexandre Hinton, Creative Director Aidan Martin, Editor-in-Chief Helen Wu
Artwork: Design Editor Chloe Rodriguez

Extra thanks to Nina Russell, for helping script part of the podcast.

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