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The T: Residence Exclusions and an Open Letter on Academic Freedom, Jan. 29

News Editor Sequoia Kim provides a weekly roundup of McGill news. Listen here through SoundCloud, or search for the title on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

This week on the show: 

In conversation with first-years facing 7-day temporary exclusion from residence following outbreak in residences 

An open-letter concerning Theology Professor Douglas Farrow Student governance: McGill Senate meeting 

Webinar of the Week: “Black Racialization and Resistance at Elite Universities” 

Episode links: 

Student groups write open letter concerning Religious Studies professor, by Student Life Staff Writer Maya Mau 

McGill Senate approves creation of a Global Engineering program, by Sports Editor Sarah Farnand 

Professor Rosalind Hampton hosts talk on building anticolonial strategies, by Contributor Elizabeth Strong 

Host: Sequoia Kim, News Editor 

Podcast Producers: Multimedia Editors Sarah Ford & Alex Hinton, Creative Director Aidan Martin, Editor-In-Chief Helen Wu. 

Artwork: Design Editor Chloe Rodriguez

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