The Med School Diaries: Sophia Bachilova

Sophia Bachilova grew up in Massachusetts, but came to McGill University to complete her undergraduate degree in animal science at the MacDonald campus. She graduated in 2009 with a BSc. and worked in Montreal for a couple of years in order to try to build a life with her partner—whom[Read More…]

The Med School Diaries: Katherine Cole

Katherine Cole is an out-of-province second-year medical student at McGill University and originally from Red Deer, Alberta. She completed two years of her undergraduate degree in evolutionary biology at Red Deer College and the University of Alberta. McGill Tribune: What medical schools did you apply to? Katherine Cole: I actually applied for the[Read More…]

Medical school diaries

The Med School Diaries

It was one of Montreal native Carl White Ulysse’s first days working in the hospital as a part of his second year in McGill’s medical program. The patient was lying down on his back as Ulysse manoeuvered the smooth, stainless steel of the laryngoscope through the patient’s vocal cords. He[Read More…]

The Med School Diaries: Nebras Warsi

Nebras Warsi is a first year medical student at McGill University. He was born in England but spent a part of his life growing up in Saskatchewan. As an undergraduate at McGill University, and after his mother moved to Montreal, he was able to apply to McGill as an in-province[Read More…]

Global Engineering Week offers fresh perspectives on the field

Engineering today looks drastically different from engineering 100 years ago. In the past, designs were focused on safety, economic development, and durability. While these issues still remain important, advancements in technology and research have opened our eyes to issues that extend well beyond the strength of the physical structure. It[Read More…]

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