How do we study language?

In the Feature of the Week: SciTech Editor Ella Paulin digs into the tensions between her two majors: linguistics and literature. Although both of these fields study language, their methods are worlds apart, and overlap between them is surprisingly rare.

The many colours of bio-imaging

From Oct. 15 to 19, the Art of Imaging exhibition showcased a remarkable collection of medical imagery created by scientists across Quebec, peeking out between the pink concrete towers of the Montreal Convention Centre’s Lipstick Forest. The exhibition by the Quebec Bio-Imaging Network (QBIN) was held during Amazing Brain Week[Read More…]

Diary of a Dad Friend

Sometimes I wonder if I was destined to become the “Dad Friend.” The label attached itself to me well before my friends bought me “#1 Dad” socks for Christmas. It became almost certain when my roommate began saying “Thanks, Dad” as they slid over their leftover dinner for me to[Read More…]

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