McTavish Reservoir will be renovated

Beginning Oct. 9, the McTavish Reservoir on Rutherford Park behind McGill University will undergo major renovations, including an overhaul of the surrounding tank and water mains. The repairs, which will cost $16.4 million, are scheduled for the period of 2013-2014 ,and will be conducted by the City of Montreal. The[Read More…]

Campus governing bodies

McGill Senate The Senate of McGill University is tasked with controling and supervising policies and guidelines on academic matters of the university. The Senate is composed of 107 members representing various actors of the McGill community at large, including 13 elected undergraduate student representatives, three post-graduate student representatives, 55 elected[Read More…]

MUNACA and admin prepare to finalize agreement

The McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) and the McGill administration have resolved the remaining outstanding issue on their collective agreement and are preparing to finalize proceedings. The agreement, ratified by MUNACA’s members on Dec. 5 after months of negotiations, marked the end of the union’s three-month strike last fall. On March[Read More…]

Government won’t back down on fee increases

Last Thursday, April 5, Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp proposed a new student loans plan, in response to the student movement that has been opposing planned provincial tuition fee increases of $1,625 over five years. Beauchamp said that the government will not back down from the plan to increase tuition fees. In protest[Read More…]

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