Nature Medicine editor talks science journalism

Last Wednesday, Elie Dolgin (BSc ’03), the associate news editor at the prestigious journal Nature Medicine, returned to McGill to speak about science journalism and reflect on his time at McGill. “I did my undergrad in this very building. If you go upstairs, you’ll see one of the window boxes-I[Read More…]

Waxing poetic at the Divan Orange

Meaghan Tardif-Bennett sat anxiously waiting for her turn on stage. She was dressed in black and white, with pink nail polish, pink lipstick, and a pink handbag.   “I was really stressed, and was very conscious of the impression I would make on the audience,” she says. “But I also[Read More…]

A Separation stands alone Oscar-winning A Separation is a movie that discreetly avoids the inveterate handicap plaguing large-scale commercial films. While Hollywood blockbusters typically attempt to tell cinematic epics scaled to Homeric proportions, they falter when sincere subject matter is lost amidst the one-upsmanship clashes between special effects, sentimentality, or the primordial intensity[Read More…]

Woody Harrelson rampages in Rampart   In his second directorial feature, Oren Moverman firmly eschews the rules of hard-boiled cop cinema. Instead, he offers a surprisingly human story of a man born 30 years too late—Rampart is what Dirty Harry may have been if Eastwood’s Harry Callahan, .44 Magnum, and trademark of the “Do[Read More…]

In Darkness sparkles, but fails to shine Despite my initial excitement for In Darkness, Agnieszka Holland’s Oscar-nominated depiction of a Polish man’s real-life efforts to save a group of Jewish people during World War II, I could not help but feel a tinge of disappointment when the film ended. Holland knows that a film set during[Read More…]

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