Such doge, much wow

I’ll admit it, I underestimated the Internet meme. Like most young adults of my generation, I’ve spent hours upon hours cheerfully observing the various online phenomena du jour. From Lolcats to the Harlem Shake and everything in between, I’ve watched meme culture—enabled by the rapid technological advancements of the last[Read More…]

Staying fit without the fitness centre

If one were to do a Family Feud-style poll of the most common New Years resolutions, getting in better shape would probably take the number one spot—and rightfully so. Especially during winter, when getting to class can feel like a burden in itself (residents of Lorne and Aylmer excused), committing[Read More…]

Remakes vs. originals

For every cover like Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watch Tower” that gives a classic song a fresh and worthy interpretation, there are efforts like HIlary Duff’s take on The Who’s “My Generation” that should be banned from the airwaves. Here’s how some of 2013’s prominent[Read More…]

McGill’s underground art show

Prior to last Wednesday, the only type of event I had ever attended at the Arts Lounge—located in the basement of McGill’s Leacock building—were a handful of the weekly Bar des Arts (BDA) gatherings, which always promise a boisterous crowd of tipsy students. The Fridge Door Gallery (FDG) Fall 2013[Read More…]

West coast state of mind

Birds, Metals, Stones & Rain contains just the types of poems you might expect from a West-Coast Canadian lyrical poet like Russell Thornton, and then some, which is one of the reasons it manages to avoid clichés and remains engaging throughout. With Thornton’s Vancouver home as a primary backdrop, his[Read More…]

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