How do we study language?

In the Feature of the Week: SciTech Editor Ella Paulin digs into the tensions between her two majors: linguistics and literature. Although both of these fields study language, their methods are worlds apart, and overlap between them is surprisingly rare.


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Even the purity of snow isn’t enough to cover the bloodshed—Grant Swanby as the Magistrate and Chuma Sopotela as the Girl. (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

A History of Violence

“Empire does not require love, only loyalty.” With this, the stage is set. Waiting for the Barbarians is decidedly anti-love, presenting instead a steel-cold latticework of power relations and authoritarian abuse. For Empire imprisons all semblance of humanity, then throws away the key. Treading a thin line between provoking masochism[Read More…]

McGill refunds tuition increases for Quebec students

Last Friday, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Morton Mendelson announced that McGill would refund tuition increases for Quebec students over the weekend. The university will wait to hear from the provincial government before crediting the accounts of out-of-province and international students. Last year, the former Liberal Quebec government implemented[Read More…]

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