Down with Webster: Time to Win, Vol. 2

When it comes to Down With Webster, a party ain’t a party without red cups. If you’re not familiar with the band by name, there is no doubt you’ve heard one of their previous hits; Canadian radio loves them. The energetic six-man group comes through with their sophomore album Time[Read More…]

Open Mic at the Wax Museum

She’s looking across the table at me, but only because she’s trying not to look at him. We met a couple weeks ago at some friend’s friend’s party and got to talking about our mutual hatred of our Russian Lit. conference. (I recognized her right away but I let her[Read More…]

An affair to remember

David Sherman’s Joe Louis: An American Romance is the perfect event to kick-off Black History Month. Thematically and visually complex, the play explores the life of Joe Louis—the African-American heavyweight boxing champion of the world—through flashbacks, fictional scenes, and historical footage, to comment on the racial prejudice that still resonates[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor

RE: SSMU to give opt-outable groups chance to speak out, Jan. 11, 2011 In case anyone felt, in reading this article, that VP Clubs and Services Anushay Khan’s recent undertaking to provide McGill students with information on opt-outable groups and services and to prevent the growth of “shadow opt-outs” is[Read More…]

FEATURE: More than just a language barrier

The shiny brochures in the Welcome Centre may romanticize student life, but they cannot exaggerate this fact: McGill is a unique institution. As an internationally renowned, English university located in the centre of a French-speaking province, most McGill students come in contact with a tongue that they do not understand every day, whether it be French, Arabic or Japanese.

OFF THE BOARD: Vexed in the city

Sex and the City is the physical embodiment of everything that is wrong with the universe. Yes. I said everything. If you have not heard of Sex and the City, stop reading now; not because you won’t understand what is to follow, but because you are a filthy liar and I have no patience for you.

OFF THE BOARD: Proud to be a man again

Early forms of feminism were founded upon the notion of female equality; that women should be able to take firm control of their personal and professional lives, be equally represented in the workplace, receive the same professional courtesy and salary as men and obtain the respect they merit in the home.

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