COMMENTARY: Zoe was wrong: The Winter Olympics were awesome

I am of the exact opposite opinion of Zoe Daniels in her article “The Over-Hyped Olympics” (2.3.10). Right off the bat, she got my blood pounding by claiming that the Olympics “feature sports that are generally boring to watch.” I don’t see where she gets the idea that the incredible TV ratings that the Winter Olympics generate, be it for cross-country skiing or for the gold-medal hockey game – which had 10.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: L.L. Bean, it’s good for your heart

In her recent article Die “Hipster” Die Zoe Daniels claims that the word hipster has “become a comfortable crutch for those lazy judges who see a single pair of plastic- framed glasses as an unbridgeable ideological gap” for various groups including those “L.

Spoiler alert: Breaking down House of Cards Season 2

Given the straightforward in-season narrative structure that House of Cards introduced in its first installment, the question for Season 2 wasn’t What are they going to do?, but rather,  How are they going to do it? We knew that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) would almost certainly be making the jump[Read More…]

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