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2021 Winter X Games return to Aspen

On Jan. 31, the 25th edition of the Winter X Games kicked off in Aspen, Colorado. Held at the Buttermilk Ski Resort, the event featured only skiing and snowboarding events and was organized in a fenced-off venue, with no spectators permitted due to the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic also caused[Read More…]


Finding solace in sports

Skiing Sarah Farnand, Sports Editor Since I was a kid, skiing has been a great source of comfort. I began waterskiing when I was five years old, and started downhill skiing shortly after. After a few laps around the lake and a few trips down the bunny hill in the[Read More…]

Know Your Athlete: Camille Vibert

A mountain undergoes several rounds of deterioration and decay over time. Piece by piece, the cliffs chip away and the rocks weather, but when the snow settles and the trees fill in, the mountain, continues to stand strong. Such is the spirit of Camille Vibert, a second-year alpine skier from[Read More…]

Spotlight on: McGill Alpine Skiing Team

They’re McGill’s version of the Crazy Canucks–and frankly, they just don’t get enough attention around here. Quebec is home to some of the best ski hills in the country, and while you and your friends are getting drunk on the slopes with the SSMU Ski and Snowboard Club on the[Read More…]

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