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McGill to maintain partnership with Huawei despite federal ban from 5G network

McGill University plans to maintain its research partnerships with Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese telecommunications corporation recently barred from Canadian fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks by the federal government.  The Canadian government announced the ban on May 19, after years of pressure from federal opposition parties over privacy concerns and the[Read More…]

Lobsters and crabs, here to save the oceans

While attempts to reduce plastic usage have taken many forms, including McGill’s plastic water bottle ban and much ado about straws, some McGill researchers are approaching the situation from a different angle, by replacing the controversial polymers with biodegradable alternatives. Audrey Moores, associate professor of applied chemistry and Thomos Di[Read More…]

Is McGill depriving your right to smoke?

Is McGill depriving your right to smoke? Contributor Heng Jiang addresses McGill’s new smoking policy. How will it affect students (smokers and non-smokers alike)? Where will the designated smoking areas on campus be? Will you be able to smoke weed on campus when it is legalized? Is this the right first step in McGill’s mission to phase-out smoking on campus entirely?

McGill students protest passage of Bill 62

The National Assembly of Québec passed Bill 62 on Oct. 18 by a vote of 66 to 51, mandating that all recipients of government services, as well as the officials providing them, keep their faces uncovered during public exchanges. The legislation, introduced by Minister of Justice Stephanie Vallée in 2015,[Read More…]

Which is mightier: The pen or the keyboard?

The debate over whether or not students should be allowed to use laptops during lectures is a heated one that has sparked controversy at McGill for years. There are cases for both sides; a number of studies vilify laptops as distractions inhibiting students from fully processing information, yet, many students[Read More…]

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